“We rise to nurture earthly treasures of Medjool dates and bring them from our family, to yours”

Our community is built upon a familial foundation, where every member is a participant in the development of Medjool Village. Our community is one that strives for nature’s standard of quality in order to nurture and spread a better quality of living. We want to create an everlasting flow of mutual benefit and symbiosis between the people of Medjool Village and the world.


Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward,
ready to innovate and improve.
MV represents a community, it goes beyond common sales.
MV prioritises holistic solutions over quick ones.
MV is about reclaiming the narrative, not the lands.
MV embodies a generous hospitality, not clients by numbers.
MV is about homegrown treasures, not just dates.
MV is about knowledge and sharing, not just supply and demand.


Our team is made up of agricultural achievers, farming designers, and cultural thinkers, working alongside one another to share Medjool Village’s dates with the world. There is a positive synergy between the workforce and a mutual understanding of commitment and drive.
Our clients see the benefits, importance, and need for our homegrown treasures. The world is getting to know Medjool Village on a global level because of our commitment, drive, and dedication.