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Our Vision

As farmers we aim to be recognized as a reliable global supplier for quality Medjool dates, by adopting the best practices and techniques in compliance with world food and safety standards and requirements.

Our story

In 2006, two brothers decided to explore the Jordan Valley for potential agriculture opportunities. This venture led them to the King of Dates, Medjool dates, and they planted their first 600 Medjool palm trees.

Something bigger was on the horizon, the brothers and two experienced agricultural engineers from the Valley shared a passion for Medjool dates and synergy was directly recognized. The brothers and the farmers entered into a strategic partnership to fulfill a vision based on traditional and cultural values with the aim of producing and exporting the world’s finest Medjool dates. A total of 316 acres (1.28 million square meters) of farmland was acquired and dedicated to cultivating this mysterious fruit; representing one of the largest Medjool dates plantations in Jordan, the Medjool Village.